Neals Yard Facials (suitable for all ages and skin types). The NYR facial range approaches each skin type as ‘normal’ then it is carefully adapted to meet the needs of every skin type.


Select the treatment options below for more information and prices.

Mini Facial

Cleanse, tone, mask and moisturise.


Mini Facial 30 mins £22.00
Revitalising Facial

A specialised facial to boost your skin with nutrients and natures finest ingredients.


Revitalising Facial 45 mins £30.00
Mens Facial

Men’s skin is naturally oilier and more blemish prone than womens, it’s also thicker (good news for anti-aging) yet more prone to damage due to shaving and elemental exposure. The Neals Yard mens range is powered by organic herbs and formulated to meet the specific needs of mens skin.  

Mens Facial 45 mins £30.00
Therma Facial

A deeply hydrating, anti-aging facial using Spa Find Natural Mineral Products which leaves the skin radiant and glowing. The use of self-heating lava shells makes this a deeply relaxing experience  

Therma Facial 60 mins £35.00